Employment, Social Security and Trade Union Law

The professionals of Duomo 20 offer its clients assistance in the area of employment, social security and trade union law, in respect of all principal business sectors both in the litigation and non-contentious contexts. In particular, Duomo 20 offers day-by-day advice to Italian and foreign companies for the management of all of their employees and the drafting of contractual documentation and concerning corporate restructuring processes, including transfers of employees, collective redundancy, access to social safety nets and management of industrial relations.

Duomo 20 supports also its clients with the management of commercial agency and independent contractor relationships, for advice and support provided to top management and directors and for the management of relations between companies and their board members. Duomo 20 provides assistance with trade union consultation procedures (including any out-of-court negotiations, making available its own offices as the seat for meetings, including union meetings).

The judicial assistance concerns all disputes connected to employment relationships, including litigation with social security Institutions and administrative litigation with bodies of the Public Administration, throughout the whole Italian territory.