Highly qualified professionals with meaningful international academic and working experience have decided to create Duomo 20. This is an ambitious project capable of combining the excellence and specialization of its professionals with the innovation of the services offered to its own clients, while keeping up with developments in business models and changes in the global market.

Duomo 20 in an innovative multi-disciplinary boutique composed by a network of professionals that provides integrated, qualified and innovative legal assistance both domestically and internationally.

Located at Piazza del Duomo, in the center of Milan, Duomo 20 aims at realizing the core and uniqueness role of its services in carrying out its activities and projects.

Innovation, creativity, efficiency and dynamism are the distinctive characteristics of the professionals of Duomo 20, who combined their capacity to act synergistically in highly specialized working teams in order to offer their own clients a multidisciplinary approach to the solution of every issue, while also relying on modern technological tools.

Duomo 20 presents its prestigious credentials to the public by assuring its clients that they will receive an answer to all of their questions together with satisfaction of their needs.