Our vision is:
To provide clients with specialized advice in labour law, private and public, in trade union law and Industrial relations.

Cristiano Giuliani and Nicoletta Pagni, specialized in labour law, have a consolidated expertise in labour litigation throughout the national territory and day by day advice to Italian and foreign companies for staff management and drafting of contracts, as well as in the topic of corporate restructuring processes, including transfers of personnel, collective redundancies, access to social dumpers and management of industrial relations.
Cristiano Giuliani then gained considerable experience in agency relationship and in labour-related litigation with public administration, before administrative and judicial venues. Nicoletta Pagni has developed a specific competence for advice and assistance to management and corporate directors and for managing relations between companies and members of the board of Directors.

Main assets:
We mainly deal with labour law and trade union relations, in the judicial, out-of-court and advisory fields. We assist in particular employers, with reference, without limitation, to:

  • Management of employment, agency and self-employment relationships
  • Executives’ employment
  • Individual and collective redundancies
  • Corporate restructuring processes (including transfers of employees, collective redundancies, access to social dumpers and management of industrial relations)
  • Transfers of businesses
  • Advise in labour law aspects the context of M&A transactions
  • Union consultation procedures
  • Labour-related litigation with public administration

Piazza Duomo 20, Milano

avv. Cristiano Giuliani - Member of A.G.I. (Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani).
avv. Nicoletta Pagni - Member of A.G.I. (Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani); Member of A.I.D.L.A.S.S. (Associazione Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro e della Sicurezza Sociale); Member of EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association); part of the editorial board of the labour journal “Diritto delle relazioni industriali”.
avv. Marta Grassi
dott.ssa Ilaria Pacchione