Business Internationalization and Cross-Border Transactions

The professionals of Duomo 20 boast many decades of experience with a strong international vocation and character, assisting clients established and operating in different geographic regions around the world, especially in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, but also in the main countries of continental Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Far East and North Africa, relying partly on the support of its own London office. It provides them both with advice and support in the fields of commercial law and business law, and with assistance in judicial proceedings in foreign courts and before International Arbitration Bodies. Moreover, by reason of its members’ familiarity with foreign legal systems and its established partnership with an extensive international network of professionals, Duomo 20 provides legal assistance not only for “inbound” transactions, but also for “outbound”. In consequence of the progressive internationalization of Italian businesses, the professionals of Duomo 20 provide their expertise to small, medium and large Italian business firms in international transactions and in the structuring of deals on foreign markets over the last several decades.An international vocation and character which has a long tradition, considered that Duomo 20’s premises are still those once occupied by the original Italian branch of the American law firm Graham & James, whose head office was located in San Francisco (and which subsequently merged with the United States Law Firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey). Graham & James was one of the leading Law Firms in Italy from 1961 onwards that specialized in providing legal advice and assistance to international and domestic clients, mainly Americans and Europeans, in matters requiring knowledge of and experience in advising on Italian Law as well as about foreign legal systems, and which offered its clients the academic expertise and professional experience gained abroad by some of its members, who today are part of Duomo 20.