Our vision is:
To make our longstanding transnational professional experience available to small, medium and large foreign and Italian business concerns in domestic and cross-border transactions and cases offering our Clients a worldwide conscientious and timely legal assistance, with particular sensitivity and paying the utmost attention both to the more strictly technical legal and business aspects as well as to the more exquisitely cultural ones.

Brief description:
The origin of the Law Firm Maiano, Pisano & Partners dates back to 1961. In that year it was opened in Rome, and the following year in Milan, the first Italian offices of Graham & James, a US Law Firm based in San Francisco (later merged with the US law firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey) which may be considered among the first foreign law firms to have opened their own offices in Italy. In 1981, Paolo G. Pisano, Resident Partner of Graham & James since its establishment, together with other lawyers including Maurizio Maiano, also members of Graham & James, founded Pisano De Vito Maiano & Catucci, which then evolved into Maiano Pisano & Partners. Originally specialized in providing assistance to American investors doing business in Italy, the Law Firm over the decades expanded and diversified the range of its legal services, initially assisting Italian subsidiaries of American corporation in all legal matters affecting their business and then providing legal advice and assistance to national and international clients in business transactions requiring not only a thorough knowledge and expertise of the Italian legal system but also the ability to coordinate with foreign legal systems, in particular those of the Common Law family. This was made possible thanks to the academic expertise, the professional experiences and the ongoing professional training of its members and  to a long-standing, stable and close collaboration with a global network of professionals. Therefore the members of the Firm are able to provide assistance in multidisciplinary fields, having developed a significant experience through the participation in national and cross-border transactions that have required daily cooperation and coordination with professionals operating in  different areas. The ability to select and coordinate multidisciplinary teams of professionals and to integrate into established teams is a further strength of the Firm's members. In relation to all the areas of specialization described below, the Law Firm offers assistance not only in transnational and non-contentious matters, but also in litigation boasting decades of consolidated experience gained assisting Italian and foreign Clients in Court  and Arbitration proceedings, not only in Italy but also abroad, as well as before International Arbitration Bodies.

Practice Areas:

  • Commercial and Business LawThis is the Firm’s core practice area, whose international mindset allows to make commercial and contractual documents particularly suitable to fit into cross-borders transactions in which the transnational element has absolute importance and prominence. The long-standing experience in this field allows the Firm to offer to its Clients an accurate and efficient on-going assistance and advisory service in matters involving contracts and commercial agreement.
  • Corporate LawThe in-depth knowledge of the lifecycle and the functioning of the legal structures that operate in different economic frameworks puts the Firm at the forefront in assisting with the activities related to the ordinary and extraordinary administration of commercial companies and other legal entities, supporting their governing bodies and thus participating in the preparatory, decision-making and executive phases of their daily activities and extraordinary transactions.
  • Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Our Firm may be considered as one of the leading Italian law firms specialized in the multi-level marketing and direct selling field, having assisted some of the largest multinational companies operating in Italy, particularly in the food products and cosmetics industry, as well as smaller domestic companies. Since 1992 the Firm has developed a profound legal and commercial knowledge and experience in this sector that continues to show increasingly positive and surprising numbers. A cause for great pride was the contribution made by the Firm to the public authorities tasked with the study and drafting of Law no. 173 of 17 August 2005, regulating direct door-to-door sales and consumer protection against pyramid sales schemes. The Firm has been awarded in 2016 as the winner of the 2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award as the “Multi-Level Marketing Law Firm of the Year in Italy”.
  • Real Estate and Property LawReal estate, and its inherent challenges, is a practice area within which the Firm has a specialised acumen. The Firm constantly provides legal services in multi-disciplinary sectors, requiring the integration of contractual aspects of real estate and property law with aspects of public law and urban development. The Firm has contributed to the success of several large transactions in domestic and international markets by carrying out activities such as advising on agreements for the construction of industrial, commercial and residential projects, assisting in finding the financing and drafting financing agreements with institutional investors, performing all related due diligence and assessment of the properties, drafting of commercial contracts for the development of leisure and multipurpose centres, advising on the regulations for the building and running of multiplex centres, consulting on zoning regulations and managing the bureaucratic path of property development projects, structuring commercial leasehold agreements.
  • Other practice areas of the Firm are Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets, Venture Capital, Tax Law and Insurance Law.

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Genoa, Via XII Ottobre, 2/162
Rome, Via Antonio Gramsci ,36
London, U.K., Hatton Garden, 21

Avv. Maurizio M. Maiano, LL.M. http://www.mpplaw.it/index.php/maurizio-m-maiano
Avv. Luca Marzolini
Ludovica C. Maiano, Ph.D. in Comparative Law
Alessandro Philip Maiano, Solicitor of England and Wales, https://www.wilbe.com/