Insolvency and Reorganization

The professionals of Duomo 20 provide legal assistance in respect of the various phases of business crisis, reorganization negotiation with creditors and insolvency procedures. Therefore, it assures thorough assistance for debtors, creditors, equity holders and third-party investors, either through court protected procedures (arrangement with creditors – “concordato preventivo” – and debt restructuring agreements pursuant to Article 182-bis Italian Bankruptcy Law) or by making recourse to out-of-court agreements.

As part of its business support activities, Duomo 20 provides advice and legal assistance in connection with the most appropriate corporate acts, relationships with financial and industrial advisers, directors’ liability issues, the proposal to creditors, the negotiation and structuring of agreements for the transfer or lease of businesses, equity stakes, real estate properties and with issues concerning employment relationships.

Duomo 20 also provides advice and assistance in court on behalf of trustees in bankruptcy in connection with disputes arising from bankruptcy proceedings, such as lawsuits concerning the statement of claims, fraudulent preference, directors’ and auditors’ liabilities actions, revocatory actions and liability lawsuits.