Our Vision:
Take into account the needs of our clients by adopting a policy of total transparency: we always find effective and shared solutions that are able to meet customer's goals.

About us:
As CRC Lex, we manage an online collaborative platform of professionals based in 15 countries that allows us to work in synergy with an international network of leading experts and professionals in our areas of expertise. We have created a team of highly specialized professionals. We adopt the most advanced technological tools, a cloud platform allows our customers to access their data and upload their documents remotely for their verification of legal compatibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, thanks to technologies of
webmeeting we avoid our customers to move and we constantly guarantee our presence by their side.

Main activities:

  • Privacy Law
  • Web compliance assistance
  • Help in managing E-commerce platforms
  • Monitoring of Privacy compliance
  • Help in protecting company informations (Data Security)
  • Help in maximizing returns on web marketing
  • Assistance in managing relationships with shareholders and new investors

Specialization sectors:
Complete protection and assistance in order to monitor and manage legal risks related to business activities.

Milan, Piazza Duomo 20
Padua, Corso del Popolo, 1

Avv. Carlo Rossi Chauvenet